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Leica M10-P: a new level of understatement

With the Leica M10-P, Leica Camera added a further model in the Leica rangefinder camera segment. Based on the M10, the M10-P offers all the technical advantages of the Leica M rangefinder system and, in details, focuses on the characteristic core features that are particularly appreciated by M-Photographers.


The Leica M10-P embodies the essence of the M-Philosophy and raises the traditional

understatement of the M-Series to a new and even higher level. The features of the Leica M10-P are the extremely low noise level of its shutter and the quietest shutter release of all M-Cameras ever built. This makes it the first digital M-camera that is even more discreet than its analogue predecessors. The discreet sound of its shutter release makes it the ideal tool for capturing authentic photographs especially in situations where peace and quiet are essential. The design of the Leica M10-P is as discreetly unobtrusive and minimalist as the way of working

it supports.


The camera has no Leica red dot logo on the front and features only discreet Leica lettering on its top plate. Its hot shoe cover in metal merges into the design

of the top plate.With its handling concept, the Leica M10-P fulfils everything that discerning photographers expect from a Leica M. A new addition is a touch-function that

enables faster checking of the plane of focus in Live-View and Review mode, more convenient

browsing in ‘Review’ mode and faster access to all the most important functions. The M10-P

also has an integrated levelling aid that enables perfect orientation of the camera and avoids

the need for laborious corrections in post-processing.

All other features, functions, construction materials and the finishing of the Leica M10-P

correspond to the same standards as those of its sister model, the Leica M10.

The Leica M10-P is available from today and is offered in a choice of black chrome and silver

chrome finishes.


Technical Specifications


Camera type: Digital camera with rangefinder system

Lens mount: Leica M bayonet

Compatible lenses: Leica M lenses, Leica R lenses via adapter

Sensor: CMOS chip, active surface approx. 24 x 36 mm

Storage media: SD cards 1-2 GB / SDHC cards up to 32GB / SDXC cards up to

2 TB

Viewfinder: Large, bright-line frame rangefinder and automatic parallax


LCD panel: 3” TFT LCD, 1.04 MP, touch control available

Power supply

(Leica BP-SCL5): 1 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, rated voltage 7.4 V; capacity

1100 mAh, max. charging voltage/current: 1000mAh DC, 7.4

Housing: Full metal housing: Magnesium die-cast, synthetic leather


Top cover and bottom cover: Brass, black or silver chrome-plated


Dimensions (WxHxD): 139 x 38.5 x 80 mm

Weight: approx. 675 g (with battery)

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