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Fujifilm XT-1 Review
Fujifilm’s latest addition to its popular mirrorless cameras, the Fujifi lm XT-1 is aimed at professional photographers who like to carry light and still get striking photographs. With this launch, ..
Nikon P900 Review
Launched recently in the optical zoom range market, the P900 has an 83x ratio equating to 24-2000mmin 35mm terms. Nikon claims this allows you to see things not visible to the human eye - such as de..
Canon 760D Review
The canon 760D was first launched in February 2015. An entry level DSLR, it features an APS-C sensor and forgoes some of the flashier elements similar to the 5Dc. As quoted by Canon in their release..
Nikon D4 Review
Nikon D4 Nikon India recently launched their new flagship camera, the D4 in India. The latest entrant in the professional DSLR camera market, the D4 employs a newly developed Nikon FX format C..